Cake Recipe

Go Crazy With Your Cake Recipe

Crazy With Your Cake Recipe

Cooking is such a wonderful thing to do in life. In fact, it is not the cooking itself that makes things wonderful; it is the fact that you will eat what you are doing. Many of us have tried making complicated recipes just to have everything blow up in our face, or all over the kitchen. However, some have made mistakes, and have had amazing results. On the other hand, there are those who simply said: “Why not”? Therefore, you should consider the fact that a cake recipe is more than just the traditional cake you find in certain cake shops.

When you think about a cake recipe you usually think about something sweet, maybe with fruits or chocolate, but you never think about ketchup, do you? Apparently, some people did think about it because they added tomato soup to their own recipe. Shockingly, this did not make the cake taste bad. Actually, if you start searching on the Internet for tomato soup cake, you will actually get some results. Many results, in fact! Although it might sound a bit crazy, these recipes are in fact extremely famous. You can try some for yourself, and see if you can get a result that will echo in cooking history.

There are some other examples that you will be able to find over the Internet that might make you ask yourself: “Who came up with this idea?” What do we mean?

For example, you can combine yogurt and feta cheese with apples and make a cake. The batter will be mixed with these two ingredients and it will create an amazing cake recipe. Maybe feta and apples are not a weird combination after all. How about using mayonnaise in your cake? Ketchup sounds weird, but mayonnaise sounds even weirder. In fact, you can do that, you get the most amazing, and soft batter you ever imagined. Apparently, it goes very well with chocolate.

If you are unsure about this, you can go online and look for a cake recipe that you think you might like. Even though some people might think that only pregnant woman craves for pickles and custard combinations, this can be true for anyone. You might find yourself creating a recipe that others have never even thought of. Anything from chili to ketchup can be used in sweet cakes. You have to open your mind because something can be both spicy and sweet.

To sum up, if you are looking to experiment in the kitchen, then you should broaden your horizon when it comes to the ingredients that you can add in a cake recipe. You are not the only one who wants to try something new. This is how recipes are created, by using your imagination and by tasting everything yourself first! After all, you have to make sure that it tastes good before you share it with your unexpected guests. A cake can be something more, starting from the recipe that combines the key ingredients, all the way to the aspect that can be something even crazier than the ingredients themselves.