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The Ultimate Guide To Having A Gothic Wedding

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Gothic Wedding

We have to face facts in the 21st century; not everyone views wedding ceremonies in the same way. If you have different thoughts about everything else, what makes people think you’re necessarily going to conform to someone else’s views of what’s normal and what’s not?

Something unique and definitely out of the norm for most of us are goth weddings. We see many of these folks walking around with all sorts of piercings, very white skin, tattoos and wearing almost black all the time. It seems that many of these people are deciding to take it one step further, finding someone they love who shares their lifestyle and deciding to get married in a true goth style.

The Ultimate Guide To Having A Gothic Wedding

And just what is goth style? Like almost everything else, there is no one standard when it comes to having a goth wedding. For instance, a bride might decide to wear either black or white; the same goes for the groom. Actually, they might change things up totally and wear a color such as red, which symbolizes blood. Both couples might not wear traditional looking wedding clothes either, opting for something closer to what they wear on a daily basis.

Makeup might be something drastically different as well. Forget about only caking on white makeup. Some couples will design things such as scars on their faces, getting deep into the goth belief, and it can be both the bride and groom doing it. Thick black makeup around the eyes seems to be standard fare, but in honor of the day, it could be made a different color.

We mentioned piercings earlier. Piercings are big among Goths, and on their wedding day, couples might be known to get matching piercings somewhere on their body to symbolize the day. The same goes for tattoos, and it’s a given that there will be tattoos to celebrate love, either by putting each other’s name on their bodies or some type of symbols such as a heartbroken into two halves, with one half of the groom and one on the bride.

Since they’ve gone that far, you can believe goth wedding rings are somewhat different as well. You can feel relieved that they won’t have spikes all over them, and actually some goth wedding rings are styled fairly nice. Diamonds aren’t the rage with goth crowds, as they tend to instead go for earth style rings such as amethyst and other gemstones instead. And Goths tend to lean more towards silver than gold. As different as all this might seem, the similarity is that Goths want to join in matrimony for love until “death do us part” just like everyone else.