The Abe’s Of A Life Changing Event Of Prosperity

The Abe's Of A Life Changing Event Of Prosperity

Today (March 12, 2008) I was blessed to have already lived 57 years of my life. How did I live it It does,t matter, because now I can begin a better and prosperous way of living? I was awakened this morning by new challenges to proceed with a different thought pattern, in which I feel the need to share with others.

Here are my ABC’s of A Life-Changing Event of Prosperity

A-Alter my present consciousness and eliminate any presence of falsehood. It is time to allow integrity to shine like a glorious light.

B-Break free from old traditions of self-pity. Self-pity can become habitual and you will begin to enjoy it.

C– Cast my loving care on others daily. It is time to have a continuous season to share with others.

D-Do unto others as God has always done unto me with unconditioned LOVE. It is certainly past time to share unconditioned Love with others.

E-Eliminate my sorrows. I don’t need them anymore. Getting older means maturing, not deteriorating. The mind does not have to weaken with age if it is fed daily with positive inspirational thoughts.

F-Face my fears, because they are not really there. It can also become habitual to look for reasons to be fearful.

G-Give until it pleases me, not until it hurts because if it hurts me to give then I am not doing it joyfully and it will have no positive effect on others.

H– Hope should be offered to others consistently.

I-Isolate myself at least once a day with prayer and meditation. Why do I say at least once a day and not early in the morning, because my past occupation in the medical field helps me to realize that it would be sometimes not possible to set the same time daily?

Would you want me to stop assisting one of your loved ones in the ER as they were bleeding to death to make my 6 am meditation schedule? I didn’t think so. There are times we need to be alone if possible to meditate and pray and send our positive thoughts to others and their situations.

Let’s hope that prayer is about others sometimes and not just yourself.

J-Jump into daily happiness. Joyfulness is a major key to prosperity.

K-Keep myself healthy.

L-Lose my bad temper and let it remained lost.

M-Master my mind

N-Not necessary to boast of accomplishments just to feel worthy.

O-Only boast of gratitude and others will boast of your worthiness.

P-Please God in your accomplishments.

Q-Question why am I thinking this negative way, and rethink.

R-Resist evil and find no need for it.

S-Save others from being a part of your negative reactions by responding to them with a positive flow of actions.

T-Trust the process of my goals with patience, I have time. I remember an appropriate quote from Dr. Ellie Drake,? I will live today as if it is the first day of my life. So when it is the last day of my life, it will be the best day of my life ? And I will add, Thank you Lord for the rest of my life.

U-Utilize my time wisely. It is too valuable because it can end quickly.

V-Verify my behavior where needed, and then grow accordingly.

W-Win a friend that was once an enemy, unless they prefer to remain an enemy.

X-X-ray your thoughts before they become words and ask yourself? are they harmful?

Y-Yield not to gossip. It is a killer. Do you want to be a murderer?

Z-Zipper my tongue of negative speaking.

Time to start a new life. Day 1?