The Tomtom 125 3.3 Inch Gps Receiver review

As with other TomTom 125 3.3 inch GPS Receiver, this one is also ready to use right out of the box. Plug it in and go; everything is preloaded into the receiver. Its ease of use makes TomTom a popular choice for many users. Clear direction to get to where you are going is what you get with this unit. Use the touchscreen display to access voice instruction and get to any destination you choose.

This unit also offers the latest map guarantee. If the maps you receive with the TomTom 125 are outdated, you can download the latest maps free of charge from the TomTom website. This guarantee applies for 30 days from the time you purchase the product. With TomTom map share, you can modify the names of streets instantly and edit your points of interest. You can also get daily updates from other users and apply them to your receiver.


With Help Me? menu, you have access to emergency services such as ambulance, fire, and police with the touch of a button. Maps of the entire United States are already preloaded for use in addition to Tela Atlas DataThe easy port mount folds up to allow you to easily take it with you. Points of interest are included with the TomTom 125 and you are able to add your own. The icons make it easy to find what you are looking for. Tom Home is free software and gives you access to the community of TomTom users. You can also choose from the many services they have to offer. You can download free updates to your software, get additional features, personalize your TomTom, and much more.

The Quick Gpsfix will help you get the satellite signal quicker so you can be on your way as soon as an optional traffic receiver will keep you informed about traffic problems and avoid delays. Another optional feature is updated fuel prices. You will be able to find the lowest fuel price for the area you are traveling this GPS receiver you can not only find your way to where you are going you can also record your own driving instructions, buy different voices from TomTom, load digital photos, and listen to music with the built-in media player.

If you subscribe to map share you will get your map updates free and update when roads are closed or altered due to construction. You can also reverse traffic direction, add or edit points of interest, block or unblock street or report errors. This TomTom 125 3.3 inch GPS Receiver has some great features for the price and is perfect for beginners as well as users that are more advanced.