Using Visual Basic in Technical Applications

Visual Basic

First of all, Visual Basic comes with a fantastic photograph interface, which’s certainly the perfect one to paintings with. For folks that realize a way to do it, Visual Basic does the whole thing Visual C++ does, best ten to 20 instances quicker and easier. It takes simply a short while to insert a label or a pink line to show the dynamic cost of a technical parameter. Of course, a few photograph controls are very complex, however, you do now no longer always want them. The maximum critical controls in technical programs are labels, text-boxes, buttons, MSFlexGrid, then lines, rectangles, and circles. This is all! You do now no longer want fancy graphics. Using best the few fundamental controls I summarized you could layout the maximum effective technical programs today, withinside the whole World.

When we manage hardware the maximum critical is to manner information as bytes and bits. In C and C++ we use recommendations to interrupt integers into bytes or to concatenate bytes into integers and doubles. In Visual Basic we use mathematical operations on bytes, and consequences are precisely the same. To manner character bits, we use “masks” and bit-moving in C and C++. In visible Basic we additionally use masks, and we update bit-moving with mathematical operations. Few are conscious Visual Basic has fairly wealthy libraries of mathematical functions, and they may be optimized for extremely rapid calculations. You can without difficulty find out common sense and statistical functions, “sine”, “log”, “exp”, and all different mathematical chocolates that convey happiness and sunshine in our lives.
Now, many readers will item pronouncing Visual Basic is restrained to Windows PC OS (Operating System). No doubts approximately that, however, we’re speaking right here approximately 80% of the world market! What greater might you expect? The subsequent step in PC improvement is what we call today “Tablet PC”, and Windows has a great grip on that one with Windows Mobile OS. Even at the PDA market (Peripheral Device Adaptors), Windows CE is one of the quality OS available. Besides, all software program programs are written for Windows PC first of all, and earlier than the whole thing else.

Using Visual Basic in Technical Applications

Right! Now, let’s element a bit of this problem of controlling hardware the usage of Visual Basic. The first element to do is layout your smart hardware module the usage of, say dsPIC30F3011 or maybe dsPIC30F4011. If you don’t have any concept of a way to do it, that is perfect, and also you do now no longer ought to fear approximately it. Once you’ve got your excellent little piece of hardware operating, you may write a smart firmware application to offer it “life”. Again, I suspect you do now no longer realize a way to write firmware in C for Microchip dsPIC microcontrollers, however, that is simply fine–agree with me with this one. I can assure you turns into a professional in hardware and firmware in approximately 60 days–that is, thinking about you need to, and also you do make investments little, minimum efforts for this.

Next, it ought to take you multiple weeks to discover ways to write Visual Basic software to “talk” on your hardware module. Hardware and firmware operating collectively gather area information from peripherals, and that they ship it on your Visual Basic software. Wow! Your smart Visual Basic software goes to show analog area information dynamically, on a Graph Trace manage–and you’ll realize a way to layout this one–similar to on an oscilloscope screen. You can shop your processed information in binary documents on PC; you could ship instructions to and out of your hardware module; and also you manner area information as bits and bytes, mathematically, the manner it pleases you maximum! To end, you could ship the whole binary report to hardware and back, or maybe to an Internet site.